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Everyone likes treasure, and there's a secret room with loads of it in Fortnite. All you need to do is head over to the Tomato Tunnel. If you scour the area, you'll find a hidden room behind a car. Inside is a major loot opportunity with several golden chests – so get hunting!
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The quickest way to hit the ground is to change your body to a near-vertical position.bYou should also trying jumping off the battle bus as soon as possible. But eventually you'll get low enough that your glider is forced open, and you have to glide slowly to safety. However, gliders don't open over water in Fortnite, so you can use this to get lower to the ground. Then once you're nearly ready to land, hit the glider button and desperately try to hit land. It'll take a bit of practice but it's a sure-fire way of landing on the ground faster than your foes.

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