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The 7 best applications to call for free

Do you remember when mobile phones served to call? Smartphones have completely changed the way we communicate, among other ways, completely revolutionizing phone calls. Today, unlike a few years ago, it is enough to have an Internet connection to be able to make calls for free . For this, it is only necessary to use one of the many applications that exist in Google Play for this purpose.

Until not long ago, many users were reluctant to make calls over the Internet. However, the rise of WhatsApp and other popular platforms have made this type of communications increasingly popular.


The most famous instant messaging application on the planet is also one of the best to make voice calls for free . Calls came to WhatsApp several years ago, and since then they have become one of the most popular ways to call for free.

Making calls on WhatsApp could not be easier: just open the app, go to any open chat or start a conversation with a contact in the phonebook, and click on the phone icon in the upper right . It's that simple.

All calls made through WhatsApp are encrypted , and are completely free even if the sender and receiver are in different countries.


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Telegram , the rival messaging application of WhatsApp, also has the possibility of making voice calls , and we even compare the functions of both apps at the time .

As in WhatsApp, Telegram voice calls are free and encrypted from point to point . The main difference is found in the connection speed of the calls and the quality of the voice, Telegram being superior due to the automatic adjustment algorithms it uses.

Telegram calls

Again, to call free on Telegram, just access a conversation, and through the top menu, click on the "call" option .


Despite not being as popular as WhatsApp or Telegram in the West, Line remains one of the most famous communications apps in various parts of the planet . And of course, it also offers the possibility of making free calls.

As in the two previous cases, Line ensures that all your calls are free, and highlights the possibility of making calls with up to 200 people simultaneously . Of course, the possibility of making video calls is also included.


Despite being born as an app to make video calls between mobile devices, Google saw the potential to bring free voice calls to Duo . Today, it is one of the best apps to call for free between mobile phones , with fantastic audio quality and connection speed, since the app optimizes resources depending on the network to which the phone is connected.

In addition, Duo stands out from other applications for its simplicity and ease of use: open the app, select a contact and call . That's it.


Skype for Android
And just as Google has Duo, Microsoft has Skype. This classic communication tool has long since introduced the possibility of making calls between users, free of charge and without the need to associate a telephone number.

Although it is an app that serves for much more than just calling, Skype offers the possibility of calling other users whatever the device you are using , as well as calling phone numbers - in the latter case, paying.


Another great forgotten, but that certainly remains one of the best tools to call for free on Android is Viber . The app had its moment of fame some years ago, to later be eclipsed by WhatsApp. However, free phone calls remain one of its strengths.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger for Android
In its eagerness to flood the application of functions of all kinds, Facebook introduced in Messenger the possibility of making calls. They do not work better than WhatsApp, Telegram or Skype, but since it is one of the most used messaging platforms, it is likely that many users prefer to make calls through the Facebook service since that is where they will find Most of your loved ones.

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